A Loyal Fan of Charlie Kent Wilson Scammed and Catfished


Scammed being a loyal fan of Charlie Kent Wilson, AKA Uncle Charlie. I am a devoted fan of Charlie Kent Wilson. He was the lead singer in the G A P Band with his brothers. He is indeed a great man and master of his profession. As a solo artist, Wilson has been nominated for 13 Grammy awards and 11 NAACP Image Awards (including two wins), received a 2009 Soul Train Icon Award, and received BMI Icon Award in 2005. In addition 2009 and 2020, he was named Billboard magazine’s No. 1 Adult R&B Artist, and his song “There Goes My Baby” was called the No. 1 Urban Adult Song for 2009 in Billboard Magazine. (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc).

He is a legend, a trailblazer, an inspiration to so many, and a great singer, songwriter, and producer. So this book is not to hurt or slander Charlie Kent Wilson, my musical idol, in any way. On the contrary, he is a fantastic performer, a God-fearing man, and I admire him greatly. But most importantly, this is one reason to write this book and keep his pristine reputation from being tarnished by scammers.

Nevertheless, Charlie Wilson fans need to know that people are pretending to be Charlie Wilson to scam them out of their hard-earned money. They know how beloved he is by his fans, and they use that admiration, appreciation, and respect to collect money from them. The scammers know everything about Charlie Wilson that he supports orphanages and various charities using apple cards and prepaid cards for his music.

Therefore, the swindlers use the fans’ sentiments for Charlie Wilson and awareness of his background. Moreover, play on their Christianity, sympathy, and loneliness. In many cases, they contact older ladies, romance them via text to gain their confidence, and ask for money or cards.

I experience the worst kind of betrayal. The impostor presented himself as Charlie Wilson (Uncle Charlie). During the height of COVID 19 where health officials advised everyone to stay home unless it was an emergency. I knew about Charlie Wilsons’ background by reading about him and watching his interviews. The impostor claimed he was hungry. I wanted to help because I am a Christian. Unfortunately, the impostor took advantage of my love for God and my neighbor.

Africa’s Golden Kingdom


Adofo Ameer Folami was the first of three children of King Kaapa and Thema Folami, who was King and Queen of Sama, Obasi, a country in the continent of Africa. The country was in West Africa, divided into four broad areas captured in wars. It was in a prime location between Shiiba Kari and Tuma Chiko and sat near all the Sahara’s main trade routes. Thus, it reels vast wealth and power and is called the gold coast.

Hence, the King held a monopoly on Gold oil and gas. Other products Obasi produced, such as Iron, and weapons also levied substantial funds. However, Gold was the foremost source of revenue that maintained this unique and prevailing country’s wealth. It is considered one of the greatest Kingdoms in Africa.

Unrestricted Love


Love is the most potent force in the universe. It’s an emotion that inspires affection, friendship, devotion, respect, passion, friendship, etc. The poems written in this book are a collection of remarkable love poems from the heart. They express romantic love, believing in love, falling in love, love affair, a woman’s love for her man on and on. If you have ever been in love or desired to be in love, you will truly enjoy these poems.